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Michelle Kirkpatrick
Support Staff
Townley Jr. High

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I have been in Townley all my life. To me it is the best place to be!!! The people at Townley School had always accepted anyone who came through those doors. It didn't matter where you came from. We were all a big family! It was instant, not years later. I can promise you, you don't get that anywhere else. Even though I am at Curry, I will always be a Townley Tiger! I have always said, you can cut me and I will always bleed blue!! It's great to be a Townley Tiger!!   

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Jerry Edgil
Student at Townley

I started in Townley School in the fourth grade when our family moved from Jasper. My first thoughts were fear being in a new location.Class started in the fall, I didn't know many other studenrs and the ones I did know made certain I remained filled with fear by telling me horror stories about the principal, "Mr. Brakefield" ! I soon found out that he was not so bad and soon his sister , Mr's Thompson became my most favorite teacher ever, For the next three years she graduated with our class, That meant she taught us fourth, fifth and sixth, She was one of many outstanding teacher's at Townley. Teacher's at the school reinforced what most parents were teaching their child at home . The values, convictions and standards that made for a better society were including with the basis subjects. The school was outside the various churches was the center of what was done. The school is where we met and made friends. It was the place that lifetime friendships were made! It is only fitting now that it should be a "Community Center" ! There are many bees that can be met that haven't even been thought of yet. I have traveled much since the fourth grade at Townley Jr. High but never traveled from the positive impact it made on my life. I AM PROUD TO BE A TOWNLEY TIGER!!

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